Ultiverse wants to develop the first successful blockchain AAA game, like the OASIS in the Ready Player One. The team’s vision is to create a DApp that connects the blockchain world with the real world.

In Ultiverse, players can import their own NFTs from other chains and utilize personal art galleries to display them and even sell their NFTs. Players will also be able to host parties where music NFTs owned by themselves or their friends can be played to entertain the guests, or even organize a Battle Arena event, where players battle with one another to show off their best weapons and skills where the winner is rewarded.

A robust suite of public facilities will also be available as players will have access to banks where they can interact with DeFi platforms and DEXs. At the construction bureau is where they can gain planning permission to build projects and games in addition to having access to advertising services as in the public marketplace where players can list and trade their NFTs and in-game resources.